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Our Downtown, Our Future

Let's be absolutely, crystal clear: Downtown redevelopment is the single, best way to bolster our downtown and create public spaces, commercial spaces, and living spaces for kids, seniors, and everyone in between. Additionally, more economic activity allows for more wage-earning positions. 


What's more, more commercial activity brings much-needed tax revenue and reinvestment in our local economy. We know that where there's commercial activity, other commercial and community activities are not far behind.  


For more than 15 years, the Borough has been pursuing redevelopment of our downtown to make our commercial corridor a vital and sustainable place to live, work, and shop. Building upon its updated Master Plan, the Borough kicked-off an effort in 2020 to create a redevelopment plan for four tracts in downtown Highland Park. 


Elsie, Matthew, and Jason have put the Borough on a path to achieve goals such as developing outstanding public spaces, implementing better transportation and affordable housing options, and improving walkability throughout the downtown. 


It's not magical or serendipitous - it's hard work and these plans outline the necessary contours for a successful redevelopment effort. 


Come take a look:

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