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The Urgent Need for 

A Grocery Store Is Our Top Priority 

When Stop & Shop announced in 2022 that corporate was not renewing their 15-year lease, the community was left with a vacant property without a grocery store. Stop & Shop had been a good community partner, supported our Food Pantry and other causes, but with their unexpected departure, Mayor Elsie and the Council, working with our redevelopment team and the community, have put together a comprehensive redevelopment plan that ensures that, working with the property owner, HP will have a grocery store for years to come in addition to the other exciting prospects there. 

Recently, Mayor Foster has reported that the property owner is nearing completion of a contract with a prospective grocery store operator. The Borough's role was to broker the relationship between potential operators and the property owner and we will see the results of that mediator role soon in the form of a new grocery store.  

Nothing is more important than ensuring Highland Parkers have access to convenient, fresh, food at a location that employs local workers. 

Click here to view the presentation on the supermarket site from February 2023

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